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At the Organisers we have your child’s best intentions in mind and with exam season fast approaching, we have the best tutors in mind to help your children realise their potential. Maybe your child is struggling to learn in a school environment and is in need of some one on one time to in the topics that they are struggling with, or maybe they want to get a head start on next terms syllabus? Whatever the case, every little helps when it comes to our Staff department and what we have a plethora to offer to our clients.

Our Tutors are DBS checked and highly qualified with a background in various subjects to fit any children’s needs and requirements. Your child will go back to school with more confidence and ready to conquer any challenges.

Whatever the challenge that your child is facing academically, The Organisers can help with some of the best Tutors that Surrey or London has to offer. If you would like to get on top of this today and book in some study time, then why not contact The Organisers’ Managing Director, Katie Shapley, or a member of her team on +44 (0)20 8038 0929 or email team@theorganisers.com.