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A Helping Hand Over Easter

Helping hand 300x199 - A Helping Hand Over Easter

As we near Easter this year, wouldn’t it be helpful having an extra pairs of hands around the home whilst you have visitors, children off school or maybe it’s the perfect time for a spring clean?

The Staff & Recruitment team at The Organisers are experts at listening to individual needs and what our clients are looking for in a new temporary or permanent member of staff. We take the time to really understand why you need to recruit and what exactly you are seeking in term of skills, experience and personality.

What we are very good at is keeping you ‘in the picture’ and involved in the process. So if we are struggling to identify a temporary Housekeeper to work the exact hours you require for example, we will let you know and not pretend we have a magic wand and will have someone perfect immediately!  Good lines of communication between the team and our clients has proved invaluable in the past and we continue to enjoy fantastic relationships with our client base.

So maybe it’s time to think about Easter and hiring a Housekeeper for a spring clean or a Nanny to care for the children if you can’t take time off work? You may even want to hire a Chef and have a festive lunch or dinner? Whatever your need, the team at The Organisers will let you know if your requirement is realistic, how much it will cost you and will walk you through the hiring process which can be daunting if you have not done it before.

Hiring someone to lend a helping hand over Easter or just to be a bit indulgent, is a straight forward process that can pay dividends if you decide what you need early enough. Don’t leave it too late! Please do get in touch with a member of The Organisers Staff & Recruitment team or The Organisers Managing Director Katie Shapley on +44 (0) 20 7078 755 or email staff@theorganisers.com to discuss options further and how we can be of assistance.