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Gone are the days were students had to attend lectures and spend the whole time wilding jotting down every bit of information. At The Organisers , we’re committed to helping you study smarter, not harder.

  1. Lecture Capture –
  • SoundNote (iOS) is a great app acting as a notepad and an audio recorder. You can store a complete series of lectures in both visual and audio form.
  • Office Lens allows users to photograph a whiteboard of information and convert it into PDF, Word or PowerPoint.
  1. Revise –
  • StudyBlue is fantastic to help you make your own electronic flashcards and test yourself!
  1. Exam prep –
  • BenchPrep uses social networking-style allowing users to connect with other test-takers and peruse revision materials with quizzes, notes and much more!

The Organisers also have a database of fantastic tutors for a wide variety of subjects and regularly work closely with families to find the most suitable tutor. Contact The Organisers Managing Director, Katie Shapley, or a member of her team on +44(0) 20 7078 7554 or team@theorganisers.com to discuss you or your child.