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These numbers are the secret formula to the success of The Organisers Staff and Recruitment agency. Each number represents how many candidates The Organisers currently represent for a variety of private household positions, including Nannies, Housekeepers, Chauffeurs, Personal Assistants, House Managers, Butlers and Chefs- and they aim to register only the best.

“Our clients come to us because of our excellent reputation for discretion and candidate vetting, and our ability to accurately match candidates with households,” says Katie Shapley, Managing Director of The Organisers. “Every candidate is required to provide an in date DBS (criminal record) check or agree to have one undertaken, they must attend a thorough face to face interview with one of our senior consultants (who are also DBS checked every year) and they must provide all references and relevant documentation. Even then only the most impressive individuals will be selected for registration. It is this strict process and the ability of our consultants to assess candidates’ suitability that keeps our database highly competitive, relevant and reliable, and allows us to provide an efficient personal service, not just for our clients but also for our candidates.”

So what should you look out for when using the services of a specialist recruitment agency? “If an agency sends you a large amount of CVs, it is important to question their suitability for the role, for your household/business and for your family” explains Katie. “You should aim to work with someone who takes the time to walk through the job description with you in detail who conducts face to face interviews before registering candidates and who meets all of your essential requirements during the selection process.”

Recruiting for your household can often be a daunting task; after all you are granting this person access to your home, possessions and even your family. If you are managing the search yourself, how do you go about finding that perfect person that you can trust? “Take the time to write a list of the skills and experience that are most important to you in order of priority,” says Katie. “You should also note the type of personality that will fit in well with your family and any existing household staff. Tick each item off the list during interviews and you will then be able to see which candidates tick the most important boxes. Once you have decided on someone, be sure to check all relevant documentation including their DBS form and right to work documents. We also highly recommend speaking with at least three previous employers for a reference.”

So you have found an excellent candidate and in an ideal world they will meet all of your requirements. But what if this is not the case? Perhaps you have found the perfect Housekeeper but they are inexperienced caring for cashmere, or their ironing skills aren’t quite strong enough… should you rule them out? “Absolutely not”, says Chloé Mackay, Client Service Executive at The Organisers. “It is not always the case that a candidate ticks every single box but if they are the right fit in every other way then we can usually find a solution. We have put candidates on skills courses, organised driving lessons and have even trained them ourselves!”

The Organisers work closely with training companies such as The English Manner to ensure that their candidates possess the skills they need to offer an excellent client service. Founder and Chief Executive of The English Manner, Alexandra Messervy says, “It is important to ensure that candidates have the correct skills and experience for any role they may apply for, and we are often able to assist in training for further development or perhaps see that a role can be combined, split or changed a little to suit different needs. We have been working with The Organisers for several years and are delighted to endorse their commitment to a thorough candidate screening and interviewing process. All too often recruitment agencies are too keen to encourage candidates just to fill a position and take the commission, without focusing on the role requirements, the Principal, the working conditions and whether a candidate is the right fit for the job. We work with very few agencies worldwide for that reason, and are pleased to liaise with The Organisers to ensure that any household staff they recruit can be trained and assisted in developing excellent household standards, management and interpersonal skills to enhance their role and their own careers.”

Katie Shapley concludes by saying, “We are all about long term solutions for our clients and so we always look at the bigger picture. This is someone’s home, their children, their privacy …it is essential that we only put forward candidates that can offer the highest level of service and expertise and that we have done every check possible to ensure their trustworthiness. When it comes to this type of recruitment, we always prioritise quality over quantity.”